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I would say that you have Dr. Watson's deductive reasoning skills.
Jon, USA

The work product you provided is outstanding.
Special Investigations Unit
American Modern Insurance Group

Thank you for your extremely thorough analysis.  
Steve​, Vermont

It pays to have expert eyes on art in question , so again thank you .
Mike (USA)

Thank you very much. Your point by point analysis is really what I needed, especially after going through scads of "Expert" opinions that seem to rely more on gut feelings than the actual work itself.

Thank you for the very thorough, professional report. I have to say that I suspected your conclusion. I would definitely recommend your service to other art buyers who are uncertain about their pieces.
Greg, San Francisco

Thank you so much for your help. We settled the case based on your expert opinion that the pastel was a Renoir style. Not a genuine Renoir. The dealer returned the purchase price, paid my attorney, and court costs and the case was closed.
Larry, Michigan

Fantastic job, excellent , very much professional, I'm sorry I was rushing you.What is next, how long carbon dating takes? We are very happy.
Nick, New York City

I appreciate your team's thorough analyses on the works.
Justin, Utah

Thank you very much for your preliminary opinion on the painting. I am happy to put further questions and research to rest.

I am pleased with the report. Thank you for the report it is very insightful.
Alison Swading. UK

Thank you Mark.
I really appreciate the quick turn around and envy your Art knowledge.

Thanks for your reply. If you remeber you supported me with a portait od Mrs Siddons. Through anaylsis of the paint we could confirm that it was a 19th century copy. So the analysis done by your team was quite accurate.

Dear Art Experts,
On behalf of my mother, and our family, I wish to express our gratitude for your most kind assistance in this regard.
D. Robin Barker

Thank you. Your expert opinion is greatly appreciated.
Ken Goedken

Thanks for the super fast service. Great day to you.
Matthew Rainey

Thank you for your reply and the positive comments your are giving me. Frankly, this is the first time that somebody gives me clear advices and steps to follow.
Arturo Frascani

Thank you so much, your estimate on this painting seems pretty reasonable to me and is a good bit more than I paid, thank you very much for your efforts. Its certainly nice to know I didnt blow money on a bad purchase. Thanks again and in the future I wouldnt hesitate to use/recommend your services.

You've been very helpful. (I can't read Japanese so I had no idea what it said on the back).
Ms. Judi Kiehn

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this work. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.
Kay Astrachan

I just received your report mailed to my address. It is a document of good quality. I hope to have other opportunities to use your services.
Françoise F. Bach

Grazie per il lavoro eseguito. Il Vostro compito e stato compiuto con una altissima professionalita.Complimenti e grazie.Con stima.
Roberto Panico
Rome, Italy

I wanted to thank you for the evaluation of the painting. Great analysis and detail on the provenance was interesting. Always learning about these different people in the business of art is in itself interesting. I look forward to connecting with you in the future.
Dr. Roy L. Simpson

You guys are an awesome resource.
Kevin Sutherland

Once again it was a pleasure doing business with Art Experts.
Ronald J. Sticco, M.D.
New York, NY

You are awesome! I can't thank you enough for your help.
Vanessa O'Connell

Thank you for your honesty.
Leslie Lohr

About F. H. Brigden: I am sure you must get bombarded with questions and e-mails, phone calls similar to mine and I so appreciate you taking the time to share your expert knowledge. You DO know that you are the ONLY one out there I've been able to find on the net (or anywhere for that matter) not charging an arm and leg for their time / input, right? So thank you very much!
Phoenix, Arizona

It is such a relief to know that there is someone like you and your staff out there that provide art expert advice and research at reasonable rates with such integrity, expertise, and professionalism, including returning calls and emails in a timely fashion. I no longer feel professionally isolated in my attempt to find out what, if anything, my paintings are worth.
Tom Paolino, M.D.
Rhode Island

Thank you very much for your comments and professional assessment of both the ballerina and the Hiroshige pictures. I appreciate your site and your help.

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. I wanted to say thank you for the effort forwarded to my little statue. I had no idea anyone would go to so much trouble for something so small! I hope that in the future, I will have something worthy of a formal appraisal. Thank you.
Victoria Mohagen

I appreciate it. You don't find such kind people often.
Les Borsai

Thank you very much for the information. I really appreciate your honesty and your time looking at these pieces.

I think it fantastic what you are doing , and I admire your commitment and drive! Thanks for all of your hard work in solving the mystery.

Thank you so much for the time you took to help me out, I appreciate it so much.

You were so much more helpful and accommodating than anyone else I had corresponded with. Thanks again.
Troy Gualandi

Boy, that was easy. Thanks
Steve Weichman

Thank you so much. I guess my original "expert" was way off base. I really do appreciate your time and expertise.
Jean Anderson

We're really very grateful to you for your research. It's hard to render our joy and enjoyment! Thank you.
D. Perechesova
Moscow, Russia

Excellent report! I cannot praise it enough. Congratulations to your team for providing such an exquisite example of critical thinking.
Napa, California

Thank you for your great work on the von Bremen. The Final Report came today we are thrilled. I am sending your way images for the possible Pierre Lacour. Others to follow after this e-mail. Do you think this oil on board is worthy of possible authentication. Thank you for your expert eye.
T. Rizzi

Several years ago I inherited, from my grandfather, a small anonymous painting from 1753. It had been among my family for the past 260 years, so it certainly had an emotional value besides whatever monetary value it could have. Considering the painting is anonymous we thought that it would be hard to trace, however we gave it to Art Experts to research and the results where just phenomenal. In about one week I had an answer. They actually started the research in Spain and ended up informing me that the painting was most likely from Venezuela and that in fact it could have some relationship to Jose Antonio Paez the first president of Venezuela. This was a surprise to me because I had never told them I was from Venezuela and that I was a descendant of the first president. I was always told that the painting was from Spain so I never informed the Art Experts of my origin. Now they are working to confirm if the painting is from a well known colonial artist or simply it came from one of the schools. This assures me that the word "Experts" is not just part of their name, they have proven it.
Boca Raton, Florida

An exemplary project-I was presented with a comprehensive research and valuation on my Picasso - at a very fair price and within a very quick timescale.
Art Experts Private Investor
London, England

Thank you so much for your information. You are the first person who has answered my questions, seemed to have any knowledge of what needed to be done, and hasn't just brushed me off because of my last name and the fact that I live in Texas. No one had taken me seriously, and I guess that will be their loss.
Ms. Parkinson Hernandez

I thank you very much for this interesting opinion. I am very grateful for it.

Thank you sir very much for your objective opinion with regards to the rape of Europa statue.

Thanks so much for at least listening to me-I will do what I have to-you are the only one to respond to me.

How can I thank you? You are so very nice to do this for me. I so wish that you were close and I could show you. Where are you located? I am in Houston, Texas. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Connie J.B.

Thank you so much for taking the time to thoughtfully address my concerns about the bronzes. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your efforts.
Alabama, USA

Thank you very much for the comprehensive letter of opinion. I think its perfect and will serve the intended purposes.
New Jersey

I appreciate your time on the appraisal. Life truly is something of "speculation". I have received an offer of 50k on this painting, once I received "authentication". I "speculate" that I can do better.
Black Canyon City

We appreciate your objectivity. In fact, "balanced objectivity" is exactly what we need so that we know where we stand regarding the paintings.
Estate of His Highness Nawab Salar Jung III
Hyderabad, India

Thanks. You are doing a great job for me and I appreciate it.
Virginia Beach, Virginia

The appraisal was great, can you be of any help in selling the Bronze. Thanks.
San Jose, California

Many many many thanks for your time, kindness and professionalism. Thanks much.
Washington, DC

Ich möchte mich noch einmal für Ihren sehr kundenfreundlichen Service bedanken. Das ist heutzutage keineswegs selbstverständlich. Ich kann Sie nur bestens weiter empfehlen. Iünsche Ihnen alles Gute
Dietmar Kleinherbers