Certificates of authenticity (COA)

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It is important to obtain a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) for any work of art you want to sell, donate for a tax deduction or insure.

The certificate is confirmation that the artwork has been researched and analyzed. It means that Art Experts has been found it to be an original and authentic work by a particular artist and will stand behind that opinion.

How can I obtain a COA (Certificate of Authenticity)?

The number of steps required to prove authenticity depends on the nature and complexity of the artwork. We may recommend the following:

  1. Physical examination of the artwork
  2. Technical or stylistic analysis
  3. Documentary research
  4. Scientific and forensic testing

If you need a Certificate of Authenticity, contact us for a no-cost or obligation consultation:

By emailinfo@artexpertswebsite.com
By phone: 212-658-0466

We typically respond  to inquiries within 24 hours.