Art consultation

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If you would like to discuss any topic regarding your painting, drawing, print or sculpture we are available by phone, by email or through Skype.

Some of the questions and subjects we are very knowledgeable about are:

- Authentication methods and techniques

- The use of scientific material tests

- Forensic investigations

- Special photography and X-rays

- Fingerprints


- Attribution methods for unsigned and unknown artworks

- Restoration. To restore or not to restore

- The impact of damage on value

- Authentication strategy

- Works that are not in the Catalogue Raisonne

- What to do if your artwork has been rejected

- Dealing with Foundations, Committees, Family experts

- Dealing with Auctioneers and Art Galleries

- Selling to Museums and Institutions

- Selling privately

- Selling online

- Should you ship the artwork abroad

- Reviewing old or foreign certificates, letters of opinion, valuations

- Art with a WWII origin

- War loot and stolen art

Please contact us at or 212-658-0466 for more information.