Portrait identification

If you own a portrait but don't know the identity of the sitter, Art Experts is your most experienced source of answers. We have done consultations on over 10,000 paintings. Over 600 clients around the world have used our services. The types of portraits we examine are varied in type and origin.

Any portrait you own will be substantially more valuable when the sitter is convincingly identified. We produce fully-illustrated reports EXPLAINING why the sitter is who we think it is, rather than simply stating it. Sometimes you can increase the value of an important portrait with proper identification by a hundred-fold.

Art Experts has an unrivaled reputation for accurate portrait identification using the most up-to-date methods. Your portrait will be researched by a seasoned, international team. We can do research on your portrait in the major libraries of museums of the United States, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Russia.

Your portrait identification will be completed in a timely fashion with the most complete research and analysis possible. Our fees are competitive.

In addition to the most up-to-date methods of facial detection technology, Art Experts developed our own proprietary method for identifying portraits called Positive H30. We have years of successful experience doing comparative analyses of face measurements, bone structure, and other attributes.

We are proud that clients around the world have relied on us for thorough portrait identification. Our experts are comfortable using cutting-edge forensic techniques, as well as tried and true methods.

Some of the methods we commonly use are:

  • -Infrared Light examination
  • -Long-wave ultraviolet light examination
  • -Raking light test
  • -Reflected light exam
  • -Radiography
  • -Biometric analysis

The long list of portraits we've researched includes:

  • -Ernest Hemingway
  • -Lola Picasso, Pablo Picasso's sister
  • -Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • -Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's mother
  • -Leonardo da Vinci
  • -George Washington
  • -Commodore Perry

Links to Sample Portraits:


An example of a complex, and highly publicized, portrait identification is the March 2009 discovery of a new portrait of William Shakespeare.

The Chandos portrait. Perhaps portraying William Shakespeare.


Attributed to John Taylor, The Chandos Portrait of William Shakespeare, ca. 1610, oil on canvas, 552 mm x 438 mm, National Portrait Gallery, London, U.K.

The picture had been in a family's house for centuries. It took three years of meticulous research to prove that the family's painting was an original portrait of Shakespeare, the only one completed during Shakespeare's lifetime. From the family's painting, at least four copies were made, including one at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC.

If you need a portrait identified for a painting you own, please contact us for a free consultation: info@artexpertswebsite.com or 212-658-0466. Any information you give us will be kept in strictest confidentiality.