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William Victor Higgins (1884-1949)

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Higgins, Landscape with Tall Trees border=

Landscape with Tall Trees

Higgins, Aspens Up Twinning Way

Aspens Up Twinning Way

William Higgins was an American painter, best known for his contributions to the Taos Society of Artists in New Mexico. Higgins was born and raised in Shelbyville, Indiana. Higgins realized his interest in art a young age and studied at the Art Institute in Chicago and at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts.

Higgins, Canyon Drive, Santa Fe

Canyon Drive, Santa Fe

As a student, Higgins spent some time in Europe, working under Robert Henri, René Menard and Lucien Simon in Paris, and Hans von Hyeck in Munich. Higgins travelled to Taos for the first time in 1913. The initial visit was sponsored by, Chicago Mayor Carter H. Harrison. In return, Higgins was commissioned to paint several paintings to be sent back to Chicago. By 1914, Higgins made the decision to permanently settle in Taos, and officially joined the Taos Society of Artists in 1917. Higgins was a member until 1927, when the group ceased to produce work together.

Higgins, Pink and Black

Pink and Black

Higgins, Four Shawled Women

Four Shawled Women

Higgins, Fiesta Day, 1918

Fiesta Day, 1918

Higgins, New Mexico Skies, 1943

New Mexico Skies, 1943

Higgins, watercolor


Higgins tirelessly painted landscapes, portraits of Pueblo Indians and abstracted images. Higgins was known for his modernist touch and vibrant palette. Higgins continued to exhibit in Chicago, as well as smaller towns throughout the country.

Higgins, On the Way Home

On the Way Home

Higgins, Eucalyptus Tree

Eucalyptus Tree

A large number of Higgins paintings are now owned by the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Eiteljorg is a museum devoted to preserving Native American art, history and cultural artifacts. As a native of Indiana, Higgins life and work is well represented by his home state. Higgins work can also be found throughout the southwest, in regional galleries, museums and private collections. Do you think you own a painting by Higgins? Contact us. We are the experts on William Victor Higgins.