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Vasily Grigorevich Perov (Иван Николаевич Крамской)

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Perov, Troika: Students Fetch Water

Troika: Students Fetch Water

Vasily Perov was a Russian painter, best known for his contributions in founding the Peredvizhniki group. Perov was born in Tobolsk, Russia and attended Arzamus uezed school and the Alexander Stupin art school. By 1853, Perov decided to follow an art path and enrolled at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.

Perov, The Drowned

The Drowned

Perov received many awards at the Academy and his paintings were highly regarded by the Imperial Academy of Arts. In 1862 Perov was rewarded with a scholarship to travel to Western Europe. Perov spent much of his time in Paris and in many cities of Germany. Perov painted street scenes, statues, musicians, and performers.

Perov, At the Railroad

At the Railroad

Perov, The Birdcatcher

The Birdcatcher

Perov returned to Moscow in 1865 to create many large-scale paintings. Many of his greatest works include A Meal in the Monastery, Troika, Arrival of a New Governess in a Merchant House, A Scene at the Railroad, the Last Tavern at Town Gate, the Birdcatcher and the Hunters at Rest.

Perov, The Hunters at Rest, 1871

The Hunters at Rest, 1871

Perov, A Governess Arriving at a Merchants House

A Governess Arriving at a Merchants House

Perov, The Last Tavern at the City Gates

The Last Tavern at the City Gates

Perov, First Christians of Kiev

First Christians of Kiev

In 1866 he received the title of an academician, and in 1871 he was offered a position as Professor at Moscow School of Arts, Sculpture and Architecture. It was around this period that the Peredvizhniki group was formed. While Ivan Kramskoi was the leader of the group, Perov shared a large role in founding the society of realistic painters.

Perov, Christ on the Mount of Olives

Christ on the Mount of Olives

Perov, A Meal in the Monastery

A Meal in the Monastery

The Peredvizhniki painters were concerned with serving a role in society and promoting a sound political system. The Peredvizhniki artists were also known as the Wanderers or Itinerants, and later became the Society of Travelling Exhibitions. The original group consisted of fourteen artists in protest of the academic and political restrictions in Russia and surrounding countries. The group exhibited forty-eight times. Perov died in 1882, long before the group disbanded in 1923.

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