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Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

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Stolen Picasso Art

The news wires seem to be constantly flooded with word of a stolen Picasso here and there, and why not? If you are going to steal a painting, it may as well be a Picasso.

In February 2007, two paintings were stolen from Picasso's granddaughter, Diana Widmaier-Picasso in her Paris home and have yet to be recovered. In December of 2007, the painting The Portrait of Suzanne Bloch was stolen from the So Paulo Museum of Art. Around five o'clock in the morning, three men invaded the museum and took away the painting as well as Portinari's O lavrador de café from the museum collection. The whole action took about three minutes.

The paintings remained missing until January 8, 2008, when they were recovered in Ferraz de Vasconcelos by the Police of São Paulo. The paintings were returned, undamaged, to the São Paulo Museum of Art. The estimated value of the works was US$ 55 million, with the portrait alone valued at US$ 50 million.

Pablo Picasso, Portrait of Suzanne Bloch 1904

Portrait of Suzanne Bloch, 1904

There have been so many stolen Picasso's throughout history that the possibility of finding one is actually quite great. While some of these paintings have been recovered, many have not, leaving a window of opportunity for one to surface. Could your painting in fact be a stolen Picasso?

Lost Picasso Art

In October of 2004, US Federal Marshals seized the Picasso painting "Femme en Blanc" from the home of its owner in Chicago. Someone had complained that it was stolen property and had been shipped illegally.

Pablo Picasso, Femme en Blanc, worth $10 million

Femme en Blanc, worth $10 million

It turns out that this painting was in fact a long lost Picasso, stolen by Nazi soldiers in Germany during World War II. Experts say that the painting was created around 1922, and provenance shows that it was originally sold to Carlota Landsberg, a German Jew, around 1926 or 1927.

Landsberg, an art dealer, kept his painting locked up for safekeeping, but nonetheless, his storage unit was looted in 1940 and the painting was off the radar for more than sixty years.

"Femme en Blanc" (also known as "Femme Assise") surfaced at a Los Angeles exhibit in 2001, stirring up questions of its origin. Research again showed that this painting was sold in 1975 by a Parisian art dealer known for benefiting off the sales of Nazi looted art pieces.

This is only one example of a Picasso painting of great worth and importance that fell into obscurity, only to be rediscovered many years later. There are no doubt many more paintings from Picasso in existence, stolen, forgotten, and waiting to be discovered.

Picasso Discoveries

One example of a discovery of a Picasso work is a cat sculpture found in the basement of none other than author Ernest Hemingway. In 1974, after the death of Picasso, Hemingway's first wife discovered a cracked cat sculpture, which was a gift from the artist to Hemingway. Picasso and Hemingway were friends in the 1920s in Paris, and Picasso gave the sculpture to Hemingway because he knew that he was fond of cats. Unfortunately, in 2000 the original was broken beyond repair by a thief and now a replica stands in his home in Key West, Florida.

Pablo Picasso, Cat Sculpture

Cat Sculpture

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