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Bernardo Rivero (1886-1965)

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Calle Acequia Alta

Calle Acequia Alta

Bernardo Rivero was one of the pioneers of the Peruvian painting. A self-taught artist, he worked along with the master Daniel Hernandez in the National School of Beaux Arts of Lima. Rivero never felt the need for studying under a teacher or master; he was formed alone fighting with nature and managing the drawing and color at a young age, when he was still able to achieve more progress.

Rivero's colleague Wenceslao Hinostroza said "he painted for the painting" and knew how to keep his singular modesty although the great success reached by his finished work. He traveled to many cities in Perú and throughout the continent.

Rivero specialized in landscapes, particularly his Lima surroundings especially Templo de Guia Ruins. Rivero used color and feeling to create these landscapes, in which he has used an original and finished technique; and his Marina in Valparaiso of the same making and merit.

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