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Martin van Meytens (1695-1770)

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Marie Antoinette

Portrait of Graf Gustav Adolf von Gotter

Martin van Meytens was an 18th century Austrian painter who came from a family of artists (also spelled Mytens and Mijtens). He studied under his father, Martin van Meytens the Elder, and as a young man, traveled to London, Paris, Vienna and Italy, where he stayed for a long time.

Emperor Francis I

Empress Queen Maria Theresa

Empress Maria Theresa

Van Meytens finally settled in Vienna where he began to create miniature enamel portraits, changing to oil painting in 1730. He eventually became quite popular among the aristocracy and the royals, even painting a portrait of Marie Antoinette and the Austrian royal family. He was eventually named court painter in 1732, and later the director of the Viennese Academy of Fine Arts in 1759.

Portrait of Denes Banfly

Some art historians have credited van Meytens as being one of the most significant Austrian painters of the Baroque era. Through his pupils, van Meytens style and influence remained alive and spread widely throughout Europe long after his death, and it is said that his manners and interests were highly appreciated by his fellow artists. Today, van Meyten's work is housed in public and private collections all over the world, and perhaps in your own home. Still wondering about an 18th century Austrian painting in your family collection? Contact could be by Martin van Meytens.