WHAT IS IN THE Newsletter?

Upcoming travel.
Where we are going to be over the next 30 days. If you are located near one of our destinations and wants us to examine your artwork this gives you the opportunity to make an appointment.

Open destinations.
There are the locations it is safe to travel to and where we are available to go to, if you want a direct in person examination of your artwork. Just contact us and let us know what your artwork is and where you are located.

Artist authentications we are currently working on.
If you own a work by one of these artists we might be able to work on yours at a reduced cost. We often travel to special archives, libraries and museums. If we are already there, your research cost would be lower.

Scheduled completion dates
of new cases coming in now.

List of museums, archives and art libraries that are closed or will be closed soon,
because of restoration, construction, expansion, strikes or of some other event. This may prevent us from working on some cases until these research resources are available again.

List of upcoming significant art exhibitions and artists retrospective exhibitions.

Art Thefts
List of recent art thefts

Stolen Art
List of recently recovered previously stolen, taken, looted or confiscated artworks

List of recently discovered artworks by significant artists

Art In Movies
List of upcoming movies about famous artists or art related subjects

Art In TV
List of upcoming documentaries or TV series about famous artists, or art related topics.

Specialists we are currently looking for.

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