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Unless your work is considered to be a “masterpiece," many experts will reject it immediately. Obviously, not all paintings are masterpieces. Even the most famous of artists produced only a few recognized masterpieces. The reason for this kneejerk reaction, which we call “masterpiece syndrome,” is that art education is based almost exclusively on the study of masterpieces.

In reality, the bulk of the production of nearly all artists consists of mediocre and average quality paintings. Most artists have only short periods of excellence. Usually, the quality of what they produced at the beginning and end of their professional careers is quite low. However, prices at auction for these second or third-rate pieces can still be quite high.

The very best experts are well-versed not only in masterpieces, but also in the ordinary and less awe-inspiring works that the artist produced. It is only from this knowledge base that one can determine authenticity.

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