“I have a painting signed by …” Thus begins the conversation we at Art Experts have with many of our clients.

That this is often the first thing people say is not surprising, for they understand that a signature can be the key to establishing the authenticity and the value of a work of art.

Anyone with a few dollars can access a database of artist signatures, but it takes a practiced eye to interpret that signature in the context of a work of art. This is exactly the degree of expertise the team at Art Experts, who have examined thousands of works of art, offers.

Whether you have a painting with a signature you cannot decipher or a signed work and need to determine if the signature is bona fide, we can provide you with the answers you need.

A good signature does not mean that a painting is authentic but it increases the chances that it is. For this reason signatures must be carefully compared.

We study and compare signatures and determine if they are authentic.

Miro Signature

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