Sell Your Painting In Auctions

Auctioneers are the most dynamic, the most productive, the quickest of art selling operators. It does not mean that you can consign your artwork at random and expect stellar results. Like everything else in life, good results require some sharp thinking, calculating, planning and most importantly good implementation.

To turn the inherent strength of auctions houses in your favor you must select the right location, the right season, the best auction house for what you are selling. Finally, you must arrange to get your artwork in the best sale and all sales are not equal. There is more to it. There is more you must try to control if you want to maximize your probabilities of doing well.

Luck exists and of course you could be lucky and do extraordinarily well out of pure sheer luck. As a rule, however, life is not so kind, and more often than not, great results come from smart planning and hard work.

This is where we come in. Auctioneers are our clients. They come to us for authentications. We know them. We can put this knowledge at your service and uniquely help you to sell at auction and to do much better than the average seller who doesn’t know what he is doing.

We work with auctioneers worldwide and we can help you sell regardless of what you have or of where you are located.



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