Painting Appraisal

''How much is my painting worth?'' is the most common question that our experts receive.

If you have a work of art that has been authenticated by Art Experts or can provide documentation from another reputable organization, we can determine its fair market or replacement value. We perform appraisals for sale, insurance, estate valuations, divorce settlements and tax-deductible donations. Upon request, we can also provide conditional appraisals for works that have not yet been authenticated.

All of our appraisals are fully compliant with the most recent edition of Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. We are qualified appraisers as defined by § 170(f)(11) and 6695A of the Internal Revenue Code. Art Experts goes beyond the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal and holds all its staff members to the highest levels of impartiality and confidentiality.

To have your work of art appraised, please contact us.

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We typically respond to inquiries within 24 hours.