Using fingerprints to authenticate paintings

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Is it possible to prove that a painting is authentic with a fingerprint match?


How is it done?

It is a 5 part process:

  1. Finding good and useable fingerprints in the painting.
  2. Getting fingerprints of the artist.
  3. Comparing the fingerprints of the artist with the ones found in the painting.
  4. Preparing a report about the painting and its context.
  5. Preparing a report about the fingerprints search, samples and comparison, to show that the fingerprint examination was conducted rigorously and reliably and can be trusted.

We perform fingerprints authentications from the search for fingerprints to the final report. If you would like to show that your painting is authentic based on fingerprints, you may contact us:

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By phone: 212-658-0466

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