Advice about buying art

There is more art today than there has ever been. If you want to buy art your choices are immense. If you want to buy art that will appreciate in value, you have exceedingly few choices. There is a world of difference between buying art and buying art that will increase in value. It's like wanting to go to Las Vegas and wanting to go to Las Vegas to make money gambling. The sellers of art, the art galleries and auctioneers, have successfully convinced all of us that you can buy art for very little and 30 years later it might be worth millions. This fantasy; you pay $3,000 it turns into 30 millions; is the reason why we all collectively believe there is money to be made buying art. As is so often the case with widely held beliefs, reality is ruthlessly different. There is a high probability your $3,000 will turn into $500 ten years later.

What to do?

Money is only money. You make it, you spend it, forget about it.
Option TWO (if you are not a money philosopher). Consult. Consult with us. Pay for advice. Check what the probabilities are. Tell us what you are thinking of buying and we will tell you if it will increase in value. Get in touch & tell us what you need advice about.

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