Jules Adler (1865-1952)

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Born in Luxeuil, France, Jules Adler studied under Bouguereau. His scenes and subjects typically reflected the life of everyday Parisians, and he rarely portrayed the bourgeoisie class. From historical scenes of the First World War to typical street scenes, Adler carefully documented life in late 19th and early 20th century France.


Boat Towers Drawing, lithograph


Particularly, Adler is best-known for his work “La Greve Au Creusot” (or “The Strike at Creusot”). This painting depicts the march of striking steelworkers, which was a fairly historical event.


La Greve Au Creusot


Like most artists, Adler was not afraid to experiment with mediums. He left behind many lithographs, oil paintings, watercolor, charcoal and even crayon sketches in his oeuvre.


Au Port, crayon and watercolor


  Adler was known particularly for his involvement in the war effort, and even illustrated a number of war posters.


War Poster


Though Adler is typically not as well-known as his contemporaries worldwide, he is still regarded as one of the top French artists of his era. His paintings of the poor, working class French with titles like “The Weary” still resonate today and are highly valued at auction.


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