Adam Emory Albright (1862-1957)

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Figures along the coast


Adam Emory Albright was an American painter of figures and landscapes, born in Monroe, Wisconsin. Albright spent most of his career working in the greater Chicago region. Albright was interested in art at an early age and left Wisconsin as a teenager to study at a university in Kansas. Albright did his first paintings in Kansas before moving to Chicago to pursue a career as an artist. Albright enrolled at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, now known as the Art Institute of Chicago. Albright initially studied under painters, Henry Fenton Spread and John Vanderpoel.


Bob White


A Welcome Signal


In 1881 Albright moved to Philadelphia to study under Thomas Eakins at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Albright continued to travel and study, gaining valuable experience in Munich and Paris. In 1888 Albright returned to Chicago where he opened a studio and began exhibiting with the Society of Artists.


Over the Mountain


Albright’s early paintings were typically landscapes, but as his style progressed he became more interested in figurative subjects. Albright commonly painted children in rural, outdoor settings. Albright became known for his youthful subjects and stopped painting landscapes and street scenes. Albright was increasingly influenced by impressionism and enjoyed making sunny, plein-air paintings.


The Raft


Along the Fox Run


Two Boys with Flowers and Hay


Children on the Seashore with Lobstermen


On the Porch


Big Sandy Creek


Ladies on the Canal


Yellow Roses


Children at the Beach


Go Fetch Water


Valentine’s Pond


Coming and Going


Albright enjoyed painting his twin sons, Ivan and Malvin, who quickly became his most popular models. In 1908 Albright started spending his summers at an art colony in Brown County, Indiana. Albright was a leader and inspiration to many artists at the colony. Albright is now strongly represented at the Art Institute of Chicago, as well as several other museums in Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan.

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