Cuno Amiet (1868-1961)

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Amiet, Spring Landscape

Spring Landscape

Amiet, The Yellow Hill

The Yellow Hill

Cuno Amiet was a Swiss artist, known for his involvement in the Pont Aven School. Amiet was born and raised in Solothurn, Switzerland where he attended the local school, Kantonsschule. Amiet briefly studied under the painter, Frank Buchser before moving to Munich to enroll at the Academy of Fine Arts. In Germany, Amiet befriended Giovanni Giacometti, who is known worldwide for his innovative sculpture.

Amiet, Portrait


Amiet continued on to Paris, finishing his studies at the Académie Julian. By 1892 Amiet heard word of the community of artists in Pont Aven, France. Amiet headed to Brittney to paint alongside Gauguin, Emile Bernard, Paul Sérusier and Armand Séguin among others.

Amiet, Mother and Child in Garden

Mother and Child in Garden

Due to financial reasons, Amiet returned to Switzerland in 1893 and opened his own studio. A year after returning to Switzerland, Amiet held an exhibition at the Kunsthalle Basel. Throughout the 1890s Amiet exhibited on an infrequent basis, occasionally showing with Giacometti. Amiet’s first major breakthrough came after winning a silver medal at the Exposition Universelle in 1899.

Amiet, Still Life

Still Life

Amiet, Bahnof Buffet Basel

Bahnof Buffet Basel

Amiet, Still Life

Still Life

Amiet, The Beingness (Die Warheit)

The Beingness (Die Warheit)

Amiet, Feasting Animals

Feasting Animals

Amiet began to host many artists and writers at his house located in Oschwand. Houseguests included Hermann Hesse, Adolf Frey, Peter Thalmann and Werner Miller. In Amiet’s lifetime he created more than 4000 paintings, including 1000 self-portraits. Amiet was connected to numerous art associations in Switzerland including the Swiss Federal Art Commission, the Gottfried Keller Foundation and the Kunstmuseum Bern. Amiet’s paintings are now in museums and collections internationally. Do you think you own a painting by Cuno Amiet? Contact us. We are the experts on Cuno Amiet.