Albert Andre (1869-1954)

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Albert Andre was a painter, writer and curator. Born in Lyon, he began his artistic career working on design projects for the silk makers of Lyon. He then moved to Paris where he studied Industrial Design for three years. His artist dreams were not fulfilled doing this, and he left to study in the Julian Academy in Paris. Louis Valtat and Maurice Denis were pupils at the same time.

A pivotal point in his life was when he exhibited in the Salon des Independents in 1894. It was there that his work was admired by Auguste Renoir and on the recommendation of Renoir the famous art dealer Paul Durand- Ruel bought a number of his canvases. From 1805 to 190I he exhibited in many salons. Paul Durand-Ruel also organized an exhibition in his gallery featuring solely the work of Albert Andre.


Still Life


Paysage Provencal

He became great friends with Auguste Renoir and his other friends included the most successful painters of the day such as Paul Signac and Claude Monet. Albert Andre quickly became part of the Post Impressionism movement. As early as 1912 he had an exhibition in New York.

He had spent childhood holidays in a family house in a town in Provence called Laudan, which was set in vineyards, and it was there that he was to return after the First World War. He tended to paint in his studio from memory as did many of his friends who formed part of the Impressionist movement and Laudon was his inspiration for many paintings.

In 1917 he took on the job of the Curator of the Museum of Bagnols sur Ceze which was started by the artist Leon Algre. His role was to turn it into a Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and he was helped in this with donations of paintings from his many artist friends.


Sur la Terrasse


It must not be forgotten that Albert Andre was also a talented writer and in 1918 he wrote a Monograph on Renoir, the only one to be produced by a Frenchman during Renoir’s life. He also published works on Edgar Degas and Edouard Manet. He also contributed to the literary journal of the day ‘La Revue Blanche’, which was a monthly magazine which published contemporary and avant-garde literature and political comment.

He organized a retrospective of his friend Renoir’s paintings in 1921 and sadly in 1923 the Museum of which Albert Andre was a Curator was badly destroyed by a fire. Luckily, friends such as Monet, Bonnard, Valvat and Signac came to the rescue providing him with canvases to fill the Museum with.

He lovingly looked after the museum till the end of his days whilst continuing to paint and write. He died, just before there was a retrospective of his work in France. In 1954 the Salon D’Autome in Paris carried out another retrospective of his work.


Jeune Femme Cousant


The Salon in Bagnols Sur Ceze is still in existence today and visitors can see the collection of Impressionist and Post Impressionist art that Albert Andre lovingly put together and looked after.

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