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James Augustus Suydam (1819-1865)

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Suydam, Paradise Rocks, Newport

Paradise Rocks, Newport

James Augustus Suydam was an American painter of the Hudson River School. Suydam grew up in New York and studied at New York University. Suydam started out as a businessman before realizing his calling as a painter. Suydam einitially studied painting under Minor C. Kellogg. Kellogg was known as a portrait artist and taught Suydam important technical skills.

Suydam, Sunset in the Hudson Highlands

Sunset in the Hudson Highlands

Suydam was a part of the North Conway painters in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the Hudson River School. Suydam showed his paintings frequently at the New York Athenaeum and the Boston Athenaeum. Suydam established himself in New York city in the Tenth Street Studio Building. Suydam would often invite artists and patrons into his studio for viewings.

Suydam, Hut on the Hudson

Hut on the Hudson

Suydam gained popularity and became an honorary member of the National Academy of Design. Suydam was known to be a "Renaissance man", well read and familiar with spiritual and scientific philosophies. Suydam was a firm believer in the power of God and followed the spiritual beliefs of the Hudson River School.

Suydam, Sunset landscape

Sunset landscape

Though Suydam lived in New York City he loved the outdoors and executed many paintings capturing the sunset over the Hudson River. Suydam knew the Hudson riverbanks well. Suydam spent many of his later years on painting trips in the Northeast region and died suddenly in North Conway, New Hampshire.

Suydam, Newport Beach

Newport Beach

Suydam's paintings are an important contribution to the Hudson River School. Do you think you own a painting by James Augustus Suydam? Contact us. We are the James Augustus Suydam experts.