Nikolai Astrup (1880-1928)

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Two Lovers

Nikolai Astrup was a Norwegian painter. Astrup was born in Bremanger, but grew up in Jølster where his father worked as a priest. His father wanted Nikolai, the oldest son, to become a priest as well, but Nikolai was more interested in drawing and painting. He studied these subjects in Oslo and lived, for a while, in Paris and in Germany before returning to Jølster. He got married there and had 8 children. Astrup died of pneumonia in 1928 at the age of 47 in Jølster’s neighboring municipality.


A House, A Girl and A Swan

Astrup preferred clear, strong colors and usually made landscape art depicting his surroundings in Jølster. Astrup is regarded as a Neo-romantic painter, but he also worked with woodcuts.


A Body in the Trees

Nikolai Astrup is looked upon as one of the greatest Norwegian artists from the early 1900s, and several of his paintings have been sold at auctions for approximately $500,000 USD.


Nordic Landscape

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