Eugene Baboulene (1905-1994)

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Born in Toulon, France, Eugene Baboulene attended art school in Provence. Baboulene painted in the style of Impressionism, and his subjects were usually provincial in nature.

Quai D’Anjou Paris

Aside from being an accomplished, albeit generally unknown painter today, Baboulene was also an illustrator and his drawings can be found in a number of books.

La Table Vous Pecheur

An exceptional lithographer, Baboulene’s prints are a hot commodity today, and are regularly found in online auctions. Boats, flowers and landscapes dominate his catalogue.

Bateau A Thons, 1973

Because Baboulene survived, and painted, far longer that most of his contemporaries, it is more likely to own a piece of his work than that of Van Gogh or Monet. However, Baboulene’s original oil paintings and lithographs are still quite valuable, despite being newer or not as well known.

Nu Devant Chevalet

Le Hameau  

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