Andre Barbier (1883-1970)

Born in Arras, France, Andre Barbier came from a wealthy family of lawyers. By the age of 20, Barbier moved to Paris where he began exhibiting his paintings of still-lifes and landscapes. Barbier's landscape painting would incite him to travel to the Normandy coast and the Riviera, and especially to Italy in search of new scenery.


In 1916, Barbier met Claude Monet and after exchanging paintings and a fruit basket, the two became friends. Monet was very taken by Barbier and remained friends with him until his death in 1926, and even sponsored his work at exhibitions.

Barbier exhibited extensively in the salons until as far as three years before his death. From 1903-1914 Barbier exhibited in the Salon des Independents, and then until 1924 at the Salon des Tuileries.

Hornfleur, L'entrée Du Port

Although Barbier is mainly known for his Impressionistic landscapes and seascapes, he also produced engravings and lithographs as well. Even though Barbier's family is known to own the bulk of his collection, his work is still collected in Europe and America. There is always the possibility of one of his works surfacing at an estate sale or in an odd antique store, or even in someone's attic.

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