Henri Alphonse Barnoin (1882 – 1935)

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Barnoin, Le passage Lanriec

The Lanriec passage

Henri Barnoin was a French artist, known for his masterful, narrative paintings. While Barnoin’s paintings have considerably risen in value over the past several decades, many details of his life remain a mystery. Art historians believe that Barnoin formally studied under Emile Dameron and Luc-Olivier Merson. Barnoin was particularly fortunate to study under Merson, whose father was also a prominent painter and well known art critic. Merson won the Grand Prix de Rome in 1869 and was renowned for his murals and public commissions. Barnoin’s second mentor, Dameron was a prominent Impressionist painter, who won a total of six medals at Paris Salons for his skillful landscape paintings. Dameron studied with LeÏŒn Pelouse (1838-91), a painter known for his vibrant use of color.

Barnoin, Vue de village du Midi

View of the Midi village

Like his teachers, Barnoin’s reputation was bolstered after winning several painting awards. Barnoin’s accolades include honorable mention in the Paris Salon of 1909, the silver medal at the Paris Salon in 1921 and the gold medal at the Paris Salon in 1935.

Barnoin, Marche aux etoffes, Dol de Bretagne

Fabric market, Dol de Bretagne

Barnoin usually painted detailed street or marine scenes in the coastal towns of Brittany. Barnoin was attracted to the northern light of Brittany, which resulted in strong shadows and highlights in his compositions. Barnoin is usually classified as an Impressionist painter, though his work shows a variety of influences and interests. Barnoin’s timeless paintings have continued to rise in value since his death in 1935. His paintings now belong to major museums in France and around the world.

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Barnoin, Breton Street Scene

Breton Street Scene


Lively market in Brittany

Barnoin, Marché animé en Bretagne

Fishermen at the wharf