Francisco Bayeu y Subias (1734-1795)

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Olympus, The Fall of the Giants

Bayeu, Religious painting

Religious painting

Francisco Bayeu was a Spanish painter of the neoclassical period. Bayeu is known for painting religious and historical works. Bayeu was born in the village of Zaragoza, Spain. Bayeu began studying art at an early age with local Zaragoza painters, José Luzán an Antonio González Velázquez. Bayeu excelled at painting and was awarded a scholarship for his painting “Tyranny of the Gerion”. Bayeu’s scholarship enabled him to study at the Academia Real de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in Madrid.

Bayeu, Sagrada Family

Sagrada Familia

After a few years of study, Bayeu returned to Zaragoza to look after his younger brothers following the death of his parents. Fortunately Bayeu made lasting contacts in Madrid, and he was invited assist Anton Raphael Mengs in painting the Royal Palace of Madrid. After completing a major project in Spain’s capital, Bayeu’s reputation began to spread.

Bayeu, Manuel de Godoy

Manuel de Godoy

Bayeu, Patron of the Spanish Infantry

Patron of the Spanish Infantry

Bayeu, Patron of the Spanish Infantry II

Patron of the Spanish Infantry II

Bayeu, Fresco


Bayeu, Battle of the Giants

Battle of the Giants

Bayeu, Picnic in the Country

Picnic in the Country

Bayeu, Allegory of the Spanish State

Allegory of the Spanish State

Bayeu continued to work alongside Spain’s greatest painters, including Francisco de Goya. Goya painted a portrait of Bayeu, which hangs in the Museo del Prado in Madrid.

Bayeu received many titles throughout his career and achieved the status of court painter for King Charles III. Bayeu worked as a professor and director at his alma mater, the Academia Real de Bellas Artes de San Fernando. Bayeu painted numerous frescos in Royal palaces and cathedrals in Spain. The College of San Ildefonso, the Royal Monastery of the Incarnation and the Basilica of our Lady de Pilar are a few sites where Bayeu worked.

Bayeu is remembered as one of the greatest Spanish painters of his time. His paintings are now housed in the Museo del Prado among other major collections. Do you think you own a painting by Francisco Bayeu? Contact us. We are the Francisco Bayeu experts.