Jean-Victor Bertin (1767-1842)

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Arcadian Landscape

Jean-Victor Bertin was a French Revolution-era painter. He studied at the Royal Academy of Painting, followed by four years of studying in Italy. He exhibited regularly at the Salons from 1793 until he died in 1842, and was one of the artists who worked on the decoration of the Grand Trianon an dthe Galeri de Diane at Fontainbleau. Later on, he became a well respected teacher, whose most famous pupil was Corot.

Classical Landscape with Figures

Bertin’s work is generally characterized by Italian influences and “plein-air” sketches from nature. His sketches featured heavy impasto, while his finished works were fine and smooth, and were generally landscapes, though he may have painted genre scenes and portraits.

Horse Riders in an Italian Landscape

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