Ralph Albert Blakelock (1847-1919)

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Blakelock, Moonlight


Ralph Albert Blakelock was an American painter born in New York City in 1847. Before realizing his potential as a painter, Blakelock studied to become a doctor at the Free Academy in New York City. Before completing a degree, Blakelock left school, traveling westward to live with Native Americans. Blakelock began painting landscapes and scenes of Native American life, which he later exhibited at the National Academy of Design.

Blakelock, Twilight, 1898

Twilight, 1898

Blakelock’s early paintings compare to the style of the Hudson River School. As his career progressed, he began to focus on moonlit scenes and Indian camps deep in the wilderness.

Blakelock, Indian Encampment

Indian Encampment

Unfortunately Blakelock suffered from financial difficulties and depression that evolved into schizophrenia. Blakelock struggled to sell his work and provide for his wife and many children. His mental health declined to a point where he need medical help.

Blakelock, Untitled


Once Blakelock was admitted to a hospital his paintings began to receive recognition. Blakelock continued to paint from the hospital, even with the very limited use of materials. Unfortunately Blakelock’s family never saw a profit as the value of his paintings increased.

Blakelock, The Old Mill

The Old Mill

Blakelock’s paintings stand apart from other landscapes from that time period and continue to rise in value. Do you think you own a painting by Ralph Albert Blakelock? Contact us. We are the Blakelock experts.