Louis Nicolas van Blarenberghe (1716-1794)

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The Outer Harbor of Brest, 1773

Louis Nicolas van Blarenberghe was an 18th century French painter. Was born in Lille and learned how to paint from his father, Jean-Guillaume. He soon became skilled as a miniaturist, and started to get commissions from Madame de Pompadour, the Duc de Choiseul and Czar Peter III, among others. He was eventually appointed as the battlefield painter and a war correspondent for Louis XV and was given the duties of painting accurate battle scenes.

Battle Scene

Battle Scene with Camp

Many of Blarenberghe’s paintings would eventually be hung in the kings private apartments, and included gouache landscapes and battle scenes.  Today, many of his paintings are still housed at Versailles, as well as other venues around the world. Still wondering about a French miniature or battle scene in your family collection? Contact us…it could be by Louis Nicolas van Blarenberghe.