Louis Simon Boizot (1743-1809)

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Louis Simon Boizot was the son of a tapestry designer. It is probably from his father that he was given a talent for crafting and design. His natural talent and artistic flair manifested themselves at an early age.

Boizot’s first art training was at the Academie Royale in Paris. It wasn’t long before he began experimenting with sculpture, his medium of choice. In 1762, he won the Prix de Rome.

In 1773, he became the artistic director of the sculpture studio at the Sevres porcelain manufactory. During this time, he oversaw the design of over 150 models reproduced in porcelain.


Moi Libre Aussi, 1792

In 1778, he began exhibiting at the Paris Salon. During the next two years, he created small-scale sculptures that were both decorative and useful. Some examples of his pieces were clocks and centerpieces. He even designed a toilet for an important client.



Throughout his years as an artist, Boizot sold many pieces. Most of his clients were upper-class or royalty. After viewing an elaborately constructed Boizot piece, carefully sculpted in magnificent, decorative detail, it is easy to see why the wealthy coveted his pieces.

Boizot was a strong supporter of the French revolution since, to him, preserving historical monuments was of great importance. He had a style very much his own, and for this reason he found it stifling to conform to the Neoclassical style favored by Republicans. This did not keep him from securing commissions for public monuments.



Boizot died in 1809, leaving behind some beautiful, priceless treasures.


The Victory of Marechalde Villars at Denain

Boizot pieces have appeared in recent years. They are characterized by their relatively small size and ornate design. Many of his works bear a profile stamp of Achille Colas. (Colas invented the process to reduce sizes by three dimensions).

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