Louis Jean-Baptiste Boulangé (1812-1878)

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Boulange, The Forest Glade

The Forest Glade

Louis Jean-Baptiste Boulangé was a French landscape painter born in 1812. Boulangé spent most of his career in Paris and travelled extensively to surrounding, rural areas. Not much information is known regarding Boulangé’s family background and childhood in France.

Boulange, Head of a Virgin

Head of a Virgin

Boulangé moved to Paris as a young adult where he gravitated to the center of the city’s thriving art scene. Boulangé was fortunate enough to receive artistic training from Eugene Delacroix, a leader of the French Romantic School. Delacroix is known for his painting “Liberty Leading the People”, which now hangs in the Louvre.

Boulange, Composition of Roses and Dahlias

Composition of Roses and Dahlias

While Boulangé’s foundation as a painter was molded by Delacroix’s masterful teachings, he soon departed in his own direction. Boulangé became more interested in painting from nature. Boulangé painted a number of floral arrangements in his studio, studying compositions and botanical forms. When Boulangé was not in his studio he spent much of his time outside painting in the woods and gardens surrounding Paris.

Boulange, Bouquet of Flowers

Bouquet of Flowers

Boulangé became an important landscape painter of the Barbizon School, named after the village of Barbizon near the Fontainbleau Forest. The artists would gather to sketch outdoors and then return to their studios to execute carefully rendered paintings. The Barbizon School was formed around 1830 and lasted until around 1870. Boulangé worked with the leaders of the Barbizon School, including Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, Théodore Rousseau, Jean-François Millet and Charles-François Daubigny. Boulangé painted many scenes of Fontainbleu as well as the Ardennes, a sprawling region of forests and mountains that extends from Belgium into France.

Boulange, Country Landscape

Country Landscape

Boulangé was successful during his lifetime and often exhibited in Paris. Boulangé was proudly accepted into the Paris Salon of 1845. While Boulangé is not the most common name associated with the Barbizon School, his paintings continue to appear in auction sales. Boulangé’s paintings are in museums and private collections throughout Europe and the United States. Do you think you own a painting by Boulangé? Contact us. We are the experts on Louis Jean-Baptiste Boulangé.