Louis Boulanger (1806 – 1867)

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Six Personages de Victor Hugo

Louis Boulanger was born in Italy in 1806. Little is known of Boulanger’s childhood and background, before his move to Paris in 1820. In 1821 Boulanger began rigorous studies in painting at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He was a favorite student of a central figure in the neoclassical movement, Guillaume Guillon Lethière (1760-1832).

Boulanger’s accolades include a Prix de Rome in 1824 and an award at the Paris Salon of 1827 for his painting Supplice de Mazeppa, now at the Musée des Beaux-Arts Rouen.

Achille Deveria, Winner of the Salon of 1837

Les Courtisanes

Boulanger was part of an artistic circle led by artist, Eugene Devéria (1805-1865), an important history painter. Like others in the Devéria group, Boulanger’s most famous work was Romantic as well as historical.



Boulanger was best-known for his portraits of high-profile figures, for example Balzac in a monk’s robe. Boulanger was also chosen to illustrate works by Alexander Dumas and Victor Hugo. Boulanger spent his last years working on lithographs of Romantic scenes.

Trois Amour Poetiques

Boulanger’s light touch and delightful themes are much appreciated in Europe, but less known in the United States. Do you think you own a painting or lithograph by Boulanger? Contact us. We are the Boulanger experts.