Jacques Bouyssou (1926-1997)

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Jacques Bouyssou was born near Honfleur, France in 1926. Through his family, he became acquainted with a number of famous French artists in his childhood like Dufy, Friez and Leprin. Bouyssou’s father owned a gallery, so he was exposed to the art world his entire life.


Le Petit Bouquet

Initially, Bouyssou studied to be an architect. This led him to take drawing classes, and eventually to move to Paris to study painting at the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere. He would eventually show his work in Paris, London and New York, and met great success from the beginning.

Paris la Seine

Paris la Concorde

The fact that Bouyssou was so highly-regarded and well-received was strange indeed. His work was primarily done in the same style as the old Impressionists—a style that had been long disregarded and replaced by Surrealism and Abstract art. Perhaps by the 1960’s, Impressionism’s appeal had returned for people that didn’t understand or appreciate Abstract art. Quite simply, Bouyssou had something to offer of great quality at a time when his style wasn’t being as widely used as others.

Paris, Le Ménage

Bouyssou was famous for painting landscapes and city scenes, especially those of beach scenes. He was eventually made the Minister of Marine for France in 1973 (the official painter for the French navy). He won a number of awards in his lifetime and his works are exhibited in galleries worldwide.



Because Bouyssou almost lived into the 21st century, and certainly worked almost as long, the possibility for owning his work is great, especially in the United States and Europe. Bouyssou also had a very distinctive signature that was ever-present on the bottom left hand corner of his canvases.

Carier Sous Poissy

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