Victor Brauner (1903-1966)

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Romanian-born Victor Brauner was a Surrealist painter and a founder of the Dada movement. Brauner received his artistic training at the School of Fine Arts in Bucharest and had his first exhibition there in 1924 at the Galerie Mozart.

Self-Portrait, 1923

In 1930, Brauner moved to Paris where he was first introduced to the Surrealists. He had his first show in Paris at the Galerie Pierre in 1934, and moved back to Romania the following year. Here Brauner would stay and work until his move back to Paris in 1938.

Passivite Courtoise

During this time, Brauner’s work became slightly disturbing. As is the nature of Surrealism, often the compositions are bizarre and dreamlike. Little did Brauner know that he would prophesize his own fate in these gruesome compositions. In the early 1930’s his paintings would portray distorted human faces with gouged, mutilated eyes. Brauner would later lose his own eye during a fight in 1938.

Untitled, 1934

Urok, 1939


Unable to serve in World War II due to his injury, Brauner fled the war and lived in Switzerland. Here he developed his graffito technique. This technique incorporated the use of oil, wax paper and ink to create decorative patterns.

Chimere, 1941

The Snake Charmer, 1943

Brauner returned to Paris in 1945 where he lived until he died in 1966. He worked, traveled and exhibited up until his death. During his lifetime, Brauner traveled all of east and west Europe, and incorporated cultural symbols into his compositions like Egyptian hieroglyphics, Romanian folklore, gypsy tarot cards and African deities.

Prelude to a Civilization, 1954

The Surrealist

It was said that Brauner’s earliest influence was Cezanne, and that he would paint landscapes in his style. However, these are relatively few and unknown compared to Brauner’s other work. Later on after Brauner became involved with the Surrealists, one may notice that his faces in compositions sometimes resemble those of Salvador Dali or Pablo Picasso—rounded, almost cartoonish and faces paired with angular features.


Due to Brauners extensive travels, the possibility of owning one of his works is great. Also because Brauner is a borderline Abstract artist, some authenticators may have had trouble identifying work as his, or may have mis-attributed it.

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Le Relation, 1952