Yves Brayer (1907-1990)

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Born in Versailles in 1907, Yves Brayer would become one of the many artists striving for reality in their artwork after World War II. Known mostly for his landscapes, Brayer would create a post-impressionist style that would become very popular amongst other artists. In 1924, Brayer moved to Montparnasse and attended art school in Paris. As a student he exhibited at the Salon d’ Automne and other venues. By 1927, Brayer left for Spain to study the old masters at the Prado Museum.

Versalhas, 1907

Printemps en Provence, 1961

After also visiting Morocco and Spain, Brayer returns to Paris in 1934. It is at this time that Brayer has a return exhibition and becomes noticed for his art for the first time. Brayer is mobilized in 1940, and upon his return in 1945, began a new phase of art. He decided at this time to spend a good portion of the year in Provence, focusing on his landscapes.

Automne en Provence, 1971

St. Paul en Hiver, 1984

Brayer would also often travel to Spain and Italy to create dark Mediterranean landscapes in warm tones. Throughout his life, Brayer would travel extensively to Japan, Egypt, South America, Russia and the United States, painting wherever he went.

Chevaux au Bord de Letang

Aside from his oil paintings, Brayer would also create sketches and illustrations for books, as well as costume design for opera and stage. Brayer was also a professor at the Grande Chaumier Academy in Paris for an impressive 50 years where he taught painting.

Le Repose des Cavaliers sur la Plage

Le Dome Entre Les Cypres, Florence, 1970

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