John Leslie Breck (1860-1899)

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Breck, Early Snow

Early Snow

Breck, Twilight on the Charles

Twilight on the Charles

John Leslie Breck was an American painter born in New York City in 1860. Breck spent many years living and working with Impressionists in Giverny, France. Growing up in a metropolitan area exposed Breck to international art and culture at an early age. Breck was greatly attracted to the Impressionist movement, thriving in European cities and decided to travel to Giverny, France to work with Claude Monet.

Breck, Untitled landscape

Untitled landscape

Breck was one of the few Americans to work closely with Monet. Breck became personally involved with the Monet family through his relationship with Monet’s stepdaughter, Blanch Hoschedé. After Breck’s relationship with Hoschedé ended, he returned to United States and settled in Boston, where he exhibited at the St. Botolph Club. Breck’s impressionist style received much attention in American art communities. In both Boston and New York artists and critics flocked to see Breck’s Impressionist paintings.

Breck, Rock Garden at Giverny

Rock Garden at Giverny

Breck, Ipswich


Breck, View of Ipswich Bay

View of Ipswich Bay

Breck, Garden at Giverny

Garden at Giverny

Breck, Giverny Landscape, 1888

Giverny Landscape, 1888

Breck spent the last years of his life in the New England area, particularly along the coast of Massachusetts. Breck’s views from Ipswich have become some of his best-known pieces. Breck’s New England pieces continued to reflect the ideals of Impressionism and plein-air painting. Breck enjoyed painting outdoors by moonlight, a practiced that he picked up in Giverny.

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