Harrison Bird Brown (1831- 1915)

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View of Fort Gorges

Harrison B. Brown was an American painter born in Portland, Maine. He was a landscape painter, best known for his paintings of mountainous scenes and Maine seascapes.

Mountainous Landscape

Brown is known by a variety of names, and is also sometimes referred to as Henry B. Harry B., or mistakenly, Harrison Box Brown. As a young man, he studied with Forbes and Wilson, two renowned marine painters, and vigorously pursued landscape painting.

The Coast of Monhegan, Maine

By the 1950’s, Brown had established himself as H.B. Brown Banner & Ornamental Painting. He painted signs for local businesses as well as seascapes of Casco Bay and Grand Manan Island.

Grand Manan Island

In the 1860’s, Brown was regarded as one of the top American marine painters, he later moved to London in the 1890’s and became known as the top marine painter in Great Britain as well.

White Head, Cushing Island, 1890’s

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