Hans Burkhardt (1904-1994)

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Four Figures, Burkhardt

Four Figures, 1940

Hans Burkhardt was a 20th century American painter. He was born in Switzerland and moved to the United States at the age of 20. Burkhardt studied at Cooper Union in New York, and from 1928-1929, studied with Arshile Gorky at Grand Central School of Arts. He eventually shared a studio with Gorky until he moved to Los Angeles in 1937, where Burkhardt lived until his death in 1994.

Untitled 1940, Standing Female Nude

Four Women 1940

Burkhardt’s style was primarily Expressionist in nature and most often featured nudes and portraits of women. Paintings of children, still life compositions and landscapes were also frequent subjects of Burkhardt, created with a cool palette of blues and greens. Touches of Cubist and Surrealist influences also permeated Burkhardt’s personal style, creating a varying and interesting oeuvre of his work.

One Way Road 1945

Morning Pearls 1945

Like so many other artists of his time, Burkhardt responded to social situations of his time, like World War II.

War, Agony and Death 1939-1940

Burkhardt worked primarily in oil, but also created numerous sketches and works in pastel, almost always signing his work “H. Burkhardt” on the back of his canvas.

My Lai 1968

My Lai, 1968

Burkhardt exhibited frequently in California, as well as in Oregon and Mexico. He was a very prolific artist and most of his paintings are likely to be found in North America. Today many of his works are active in the auction market and vary in value depending on subject and the year in which his works were painted; but all of his works are in demand by collectors.

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