Erich Carl Hugo Adamson (1902-1968)

Adamson Eric. Self-Portrait II. 1929. Art Museum of Estonia.

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Flowers. 1962. Oil on Canvas. Art Museum of Estonia.


Adamson Eric was an Estonian painter known for decorative or applied arts. Adamson Eric began his artistic training in Estonia before moving to Berlin where he attended Charlottenburg Art and Crafts School. He briefly moved from Berlin to Paris, where he met a number of influential artists.


Still-Life. 1929. Oil on Canvas. Art Museum of Estonia.

Adamson-Eric’s style was even more influenced by a period of study in Russia under Vasili Shukhaev, where his concentration shifted to art deco and New Objectivity (Neue Sachlichkeit).


Brooch (jewelry). Decorative art design. Art Museum of Estonia.

Adamson Eric’s decorative artwork, include designs for jewelry, plates, tapestries, etc. His aesthetic ranged from traditional to abstract, as his career spanned several decades and changing socio-political climates.


Vaiba Kavand (carpet design). 1937. Art Museum of Estonia.


Adamson Eric spent the last years of his life in Tallinn, Estonia, where a museum is established in his honor. If you think you may own original artwork by Adamson Eric, contact Art Experts for authentication, certificate and appraisal of value.