Jacques Gamelin (1738-1803)

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Gamelin painting, Portrait of Louis Jacques Brenguier

Portrait of Louis Jacques Brenguier

Gamelin painting, Portrait of an Old Man

Portrait of an Old Man

Jacques Gamelin was an 18th century French painter. He was the son of a merchant and was initially trained as a businessman. However, his talent as an artist was apparent to many, and a wealthy baron helped to pay for his artistic training.

Gamelin painting, Portrait of a Family in an Interior

Portrait of a Family in an Interior

Gamelin won the first prize at the Academie Royale de Toulouse, and later, studied in Paris and Rome . He was able to study under Vien and David, and eventually was appointed painter to Pope Clement XIV. One of Gamelin’s best known attributes to art was a series of anatomical sketches that are still revered by art students and historians today. These were created in large volumes for “Nouveau Receuil d’ osteologie et de Myologie Dessine Apres Nature.”

Gamelin painting, Anatomical Crucifixion Sketch

Anatomical Crucifixion Sketch

Gamelin painting, Skull


Gamelin painting, Rib Cage

Rib Cage

Gamelin painting, Bones


Gamelin painting, Nude


Gamelin eventually returned to his hometown near Toulouse and taught at the local Academie. Today, Gamelin is best known for his engravings of battle scenes as well as his paintings of portraits and genre subjects.

Gamelin painting, Jesus Among Doctors

Jesus Among Doctors

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