Paul Joseph Raymond Gayrard (1807-1855)

Paul Joseph Raymond Gayrard, French school, was born in Clermont in 1807 and died in Enghien-les-Bains in 1855.  He was the son of Raymond Gayrard, 1777-1858, who outlived him by a few years and was also a sculptor.

Gayard studied sculpture under his father and exhibited at the Paris salon from 1831 until his death in 1855. He was awarded medals in 1834 and 1846. Although he sculpted some dogs and horses which were cast in bronze, he was not primarily an “animalier”, an animal sculptor. Most of his success came from commissions for bust sculptures of famous individuals of his time.  His largest sculpture group, representing four apostles, is in the Sainte Clotilde church in Paris.

We appraise bronzes by Gayrard.

Reclining Deerhound

An Allegorical Figure of the Arts

The Monkey Steeplechase

The Young St. John the Baptist with a Lamb