Lucien Genin (1894-1953)

Le Casino Tanton de la Marne

Lucien Genin came from a family of stone cutters who were attached to the Cathedral of Rouen. He initially studied art at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Rouen, and at the age of nineteen he left his native Rouen to study at the Ecoles des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

Paris, La Rue Norvin, 1922

He settled in Montmartre and immediately became part of the 1920s bohemian Paris art scene. He became good friends with well known characters of the day such as the painter Elisée Maclet, the sculptor, Giovanni Léonardi and the poet Max Jacobs.

Lapin Agile

In his art he became well known for depicting the city of Paris as well as the characters that inhabited it. Art critics have also commented that he managed to catch beautifully the spirit of the city in the period between the First and Second World wars.

Canotiers Sur Les Bords de Marne

Stairs to the Sacre-Coeure

A good friend of his, the writer Réne Fauchois, said that Genin had two passions in life: the first, his art and the second, red wine.

Le Pont Mary

Rue de Paris Animee