Francois-Pascal-Simon Gérard (1770-1837)

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Portrait of Joachim Murat

Madame Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord

Julie Recaimer, 1805

Portrait of Stephanie de Beauharnais

Francois-Pascal-Simon Baron Gérard was a popular portraitist whose career survived the political upheavals of his time. Gérard was one of David’s favorite pupils and was known for historical and genre paintings as well as portraits. He exhibited a well-received portrait of painter Jean-Baptiste Isabey and his daughter at the Salon of 1796.

Comtesse de Morel-Vindé and Her Daughter

Psychee et l’amour

Born in Rome, Gerard was granted a place at the Pension du Roi in Paris at the very young age of 12 where he studied under the sculptor Pajou. He would later study under Brenet and then painter Jacques Louis David. Despite his prestigious early studies, Gerard was forced to temporarily return to Rome and leave art when his father died in 1791. During this time, he also married his mother’s youngest sister and shortly thereafter, his mother died as well. By 1793, Gerard was able to return to Paris and art, and he took up a studio in the Louvre. Gerard barely escaped being drafted into the war in 1795 with the help of his teacher David. It was David, in fact, that kept him financially stable and found him work illustrating for various clients during hard times.

Ossian on the Bank of the Lora, Invoking the Gods to the Strains of a Harp
  Painting in the Realist style of the old masters, Gerard became known for his portraits and was working steadily by 1796.

Jean Baptiste Isabey and His Daughter

Mary Nisbet, 1804
  In 1798, he painted one of his most famous paintings “Cupid and Psyche” which brought him great success and notoriety, and he became noticed by Napoleon.

Cupid and Psyche

Gérard was inducted into the Legion of Honor and given the title Baron, and today his work is housed all over the world. He was a painter in the royal court, knight and student of the great masters, Baron Francois Gerard was one of the finest official painters to ever live.


Louis Philippe

For the rest of his career, he would be commissioned by the government to create portraits for foreign dignitaries and to create paintings of historical events.

The Battle of Austerlitz

Gerard was noted for being able to portray his subjects with great dignity and nobility, which is why he was so highly coveted by the government.


While painting in the court, he had a number of collaborators working for him, creating a great many paintings. Today his paintings are housed all over France from the Louvre to Versailles.

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