James Gillray (1757-1815)

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Gillray painting, John Bull Taking his Luncheon

John Bull Taking his Luncheon

James Gillray was an 18th century British artist and charicaturist. He was famous for his political cartoons and satires of social situations, mainly those that were published from 1792 until 1810.

Gillray painting, Modern Grace

Modern Grace

Gillray studied at the Royal Academy as a young man and supported himself as an engraver. During these early years, he likely submitted a number of drawings to various newspapers and publications under pen names, making it very likely that an unknown early drawing of his may surface somewhere. During this time, Gillray was heavily influenced by the work of Hogarth.

Gillray painting, Monstrous Craws

Monstrous Craws

During this time, Gillray became involved with printmaker and publisher Miss. Hannah Humphrey. Gillray would display his work in Humphrey’s shop, and the two caused quite a scandal by living together, unmarried. Though rumors circulated about their relationship, historians are still uncertain whether theirs was a romantic or strictly business relationship.

Gillray painting, Humphrey's Shop, Displaying Gillray's Caricatures

Humphrey’s Shop, Displaying Gillray’s Caricatures

Gillray was at his height of popularity during the French Revolution, and as a result, produced a great many caricatures of Napoleon, among many other noticeable politicians and public figures of the era.

Gillray painting, Plum Pudding in Danger

Plum Pudding in Danger

Some art historians have hinted that Gillray may have suffered from insanity, if not temporary insanity at times, but created a large volume of work nonetheless. Towards the end of his career, Gillray’s eyesight began to fail and he suffered from the gout his entire life due to incessant drinking. Gillray even survived a suicide attempt in 1811 after throwing himself out of a window.

Gillray painting, The Gout

The Gout

Today Gillray’s caricatures are valued not only as works of art, but as historical documents of a bygone era. In recent years, Gillray’s cartoons and sketches have become quite collectible, with some originals fetching upwards of $20,000 at auction.

Gillray painting, Light Expelling Darkeness

Light Expelling Darkeness

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