Antonio Giraudier (b. 1929)

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Big Professor and Other Professors

A God, A Mountain and a Victory Bird

A native Cuban, Antonio Giraudier was a successful businessman, painter, and poet. Throughout his life he established several political connections that are well documented. Giraudier was forced to flee his homeland a year after Castro’s revolution and moved to Miami, where he remained for decades.

Madonna and Child and Presences with the Little Sultan Mascot

Giraudier was a beer baron who became acquainted with Winston Churchill in 1946 on Giraudier’s private Cuban beach. Giraudier and Churchill soon developed a deep friendship, as evidenced by their extensive correspondence spanning over twenty years.

Two Clowns


Giraudier is known for keeping Churchill’s cigar stock well-filled, even commissioning a local manufacturer to individually roll Churchill’s cigars. He also made other generous gifts to Winston Churchill, including wine and painting supplies.


Giraudier shared Churchill’s passion for painting. He wrote and illustrated several poetry books in the 1970’s and 1980’s, including Sheaves, The Inner Loom; Weaving and Sifting, within the Realms of the Poetry Paths, Ten Remembrances for Don Quixote, and Calles de la Tarde. Despite such publications and many exhibitions, Giraudier was never a widely-recognized painter, and his art remains fairly obscure even today.


Elves And Animals Near Translucent Pond with Water Beings

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