Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar (1871-1960)

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Grabar, Self-Portrait


Grabar, Lenin at the Direct Line

Lenin at the Direct Line

Igor Grabar was a Russian painter, known for working in the genre of ‘socialist realism’. Grabar was born in Budapest in 1871, but moved to Saint Petersburg, Russia as a young man. Before realizing his interest in art, Grabar studied law at the Saint Petersburg University. After graduating with a law degree, Grabar enrolled at the Saint Petersburg Academy of Fine Art in 1894. Grabar also worked in the reputable studio of Ilya Repin and attended the Anton Azbe school in Munich.

Grabar, Still Life

Still Life

Grabar quickly gained attention for his skill as a painter, and associated with a number of highly recognized societies, including World of Art, the Union of Russian Artists, the Academy of Arts, and the Academy of Arts of the USSR. Grabar was also included in several exhibitions through the Moscow Society of Art Lovers, the Society of Moscow Painters and the Society of Moscow Artists.

Grabar, Winter Morning, 1907

Winter Morning, 1907

Grabar was a professor of painting at the Moscow University for over twenty years and headed the All Russian Academy of Arts for a short time. From 1944 until his death, Grabar worked in a leading position for the USSR Academy of Science’s Art History Institute.

Grabar, September Snow, 1903

September Snow, 1903

Grabar, March Snow

March Snow

Grabar, Blue Tablecloth

Blue Tablecloth

Grabar, Winter Portrait, 1934

Winter Portrait, 1934

Grabar, Winter in Russia, 1904

Russian Winter (February Azure), 1904

Grabar, Pears


Grabar, Pavilion in Kuzminki

Pavilion in Kuzminki

Grabar, Winter Rouk Nests, 1904

Winter Rouk Nests, 1904

Grabar, Spring Springs

Spring Springs

Grabar, Lady with Dog

Lady with Dog

Grabar received acclaim from the People’s Artist of the Soviet Union for his historical work, depicting revolutionary events. Grabar proceeded to lead the Central Restoration Studios and complete thorough writings on Russian art and in 1941 Grabar was awarded the Stalin prize for his great achievements.

Grabar is an important name in Russian and Soviet art history. Grabar’s paintings are important for their artistic and historic value. Do you think you may own a painting by this Russian master? Contact us. We are the experts on Igor Grabar.