Jean-Baptiste Greuze (1725-1805)

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Greuze painting, Innocent Girl with Two Pigeons

Innocent Girl with Two Pigeons

Greuze painting, Indolence


Greuze painting, The Wool Winder

The Wool Winder

Jean-Baptiste Greuze was an 18th century French painter. He was one of the star painters of his day and first exhibited at the 1755 Salon. His most respected works depict historical or allegorical themes, though he did some portraits.

Greuze painting, The Marriage Contract

The Marriage Contract

Greuze painting, Mother and Child

Mother and Child

By the 1780s his work was unpopular, and he received few commissions. A catalog raisonné of his work was published in 1908.

Greuze painting, Portrait of a Girl

Portrait of a Girl

Greuze painting, Portrait of a Man

Portrait of a Man

Greuze painting, A Young Peasant Boy

A Young Peasant Boy

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