Alexis Grimou (1680-1740)

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Grimou painting, Self-Portrait as Bacchus

Self-Portrait as Bacchus

Grimou painting, Jeune Pelerin

Jeune Pelerin

Grimou painting, Reader


Grimou painting, Portrait of a Woman with a Tambourine

Portrait of a Woman with a Tambourine

Alexis Grimou was an 18th century French portrait painter. Grimou’s style was similar to that of 17th century Dutch painters such as Rembrandt, and he was never made a member of the Academie Royale de Peinture. He was a student of François de Troy and his use of color and composition influenced later portraitists such as Ducreux and Greuze.

Grimou painting, The Little Flute Player

The Little Flute Player

Today, Grimou’s work is housed all over the world, and perhaps in your own home. Still wondering about an 18th century French painting in your family collection? Contact us…it could be by Alexis Grimou.