Henri Guérard (1846-1897)

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The Rest of the Flight into Egypt


The Rest of the Flight into Egypt

Sunset, Hornfleur 1896

The Rest of the Flight into Egypt

Wagonnets, Hornfleur

Henri Guérard was a French Impressionist graphic artist painter, etcher and woodcut artist. Guérard was known for his color and black and white etchings, and it is said that he was instrumental in introducing Japanese art into the western world. He initially received his training at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, but later broke away to study under Nicolas Berthon. Guérard held his first exhibition in Paris at the Salons that same year, and quickly became well known amongst other artists.

Decorative Japanese Style Borders

Japanese Style Calling Cards

Guérard was held in such high regard by other artists that they often came to him for advice or help with their own painting. Famous artists such as Edouard Manet collected his work and looked up to Guérard, whom he assisted in his engravings and etchings.

Still Life

Rabbits 1893

Elephant and Monkey

Guérard even sat for Manet in a few of his café scene paintings. The two became very good lifelong friends, and interesting correspondences, such as this letter from Manet to Guérard, still exist today. In 1874, Guérard also posed for another famous artist, Eva Gonzales, who eventually became his wife.

Letter from Manet to Guérard Guérard was, and is still considered a master of etching, landscapes, still life and portraits. His oil paintings were few and are very rare, and consist mostly of coastal harbor scenes or landscapes, and may resemble that of Manet or Eugene Boudin. Today his work is housed all over the world, and perhaps in your own family estate. Still wondering about a French Impressionist painting hanging in your home? Contact us…it could be by Henri Guérard.