Pierre Narcisse Guerin (1774-1833)

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Guerin painting, Henri de la Rochejaqeulin

Henri de la Rochejaqeulin

Guerin painting, Enee Speaking with Didon

Enee Speaking with Didon

Pierre Narcisse Guerin was a French Neoclassical painter. He has been called one of the most successful French painters of his period by some art historians, and was a student of David.

Guerin painting, Napoleon Pardoning the Rebels at Cairo

Napoleon Pardoning the Rebels at Cairo

Guerin won the Prix de Rome in 1797, and was later named the director of the French Academy in Rome in 1822. He was a teacher of many great French artists of a younger generation, including Gericault and Delacroix, and has been credited as being one of the artists to help contribute towards the transition from the Neoclassical style of painting to Romanticism.

Guerin painting, The Return of Marcus Sextus

The Return of Marcus Sextus

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